About Sonictel.com

Sonictel, Inc. is a WBE Woman Business Enterprise, located in the United States, that provides dynamic and affordable business telephone services, including Traditional Legacy PBX and Cloud Hosted PBX solutions, Digital Phone Lines and SIP PRI Trunks using the global power of the Internet.

mini-USA-flag  Customer Care, Technical Support, Executive Headquarters and our Carrier Class Network Platforms, are all located here in the United States of America.

Best Business Practice:  We’ll share with you the best business practices, as we have learned from thousands of installations, and help you understand and use your phones in the most efficient manner possible.

Our clients are small to mid-sized business, creative design & advertising, healthcare, education, government, real estate, auto dealerships and multi-location franchise operators, who look to utilize modern technology to gain a competitive advantage and stream line their business operation.

The Team We’re a very mixed group, which helps us to be flexible and open-minded as a company. In fact, if you saw us walking in a group down the street, you wouldn’t guess that we’re a team of Telephone Technicians & VoIP developers. (You probably wouldn’t know what to think.)

Why choose Sonictel?  It’s all about the fanatical care and attention to detail that you’ll receive as one of our valued clients.  We’ll ask the right questions and then design a system around your specific needs.  No square pegs in round holes.  You’ll receive the very best solution to insure your 100% satisfaction.

Local Onsite Installations, We provide local onsite installation and training for the equipment & services we sell.

While telecommunication industry averages point to high cost and low customer satisfaction, our customers experience positive ratings for over 99% of their telephone interactions.

Why? Our unique approach to telecommunications enables you to listen, respond, and delight your customers in ways not possible before using traditional phone services.

All at a savings that will make your Accountant give you a great big bear hug.

At Sonictel, it’s mission critical that we first and foremost, keep our existing clients happy at all times. Our success will come organically from our Satisfied Customers and consequent Great Reputation.

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