Sonictel Hosted PBX Service
Your Complete Business Phone System

– Your Company Connected Without Boundaries!

Sonictel has designed a “Business Class Hosted PBX System” that leverages the global power of Internet – and uses the latest VoIP technology, with proven rock solid reliability.  You get all the business features you need to get your work done now—and take your business to another level.

Be more competitive using our Fortune 500 business class features—With Sonictel Hosted PBX, you get all the business features that Fortune 500 companies have come to know and appreciate, including auto attendant, corporate directory, music-on-hold, conference bridge, and ring groups to name a few, are all included!

Everything is Managed Using Intuitive Web Based Portal –  Manage your entire hosted PBX service from ACD Agents to Voice Mail from any computer.  Log into your secure and private web based portal and make changes, pull reports, respond to day to day business needs on the go.  It’s a phone system like never before, delivered on time, every time.

Network multiple locations together – Seamlessly make, receive, transfer calls, between extensions at any of your locations.  Make & receive overhead pages from any location – to any location.  Transfer calls to cellphones and other outside numbers.

Enjoy more calling features—Enjoy all the standard features you had with your old service, without paying extra for them: personalized voice mail, 3-way calling, caller ID, call waiting, transfers, call forwarding, and more. Plus, you get an online dashboard to more easily manage your communications with call history, voice mail notification, v-Fax services and much more, that’s as simple as logging into your email account.

Protect what you have, with our Disaster Recovery—Protect your vital business communications with our call continuity services. With our geo-redundant network and the ability to use IP phones and mobility apps, your telephone system is always up and running.

Mobile Apps – Take your Virtual Extensions anywhere you using our Equipment Integrated Counterpath Bria Mobile Apps for the Android, iPhone and iPad and the X-Lite Free Software for your PC or MAC.

Outrageously affordable—Local, long distance, international calls are all so much more cost effective because we leverage the power of VoIP to reduce costs for you. And you won’t need to buy or lease an expensive on-site PBX phone system either.

Get even more—Select from a wide range of optional features that will make our Hosted PBX solution work even harder for you. Toll-free numbers, ACD call center, switchboard, traditional faxing adapters to use with your existing fax machine, adapters to use your existing telephone system, call recording to name just a few.

Hosted Phone System Package Includes:
Sonictel’s Hosted Phone System is priced to be “right sized” for your business needs. We have both flat rate unlimited calling to the USA & Canada and Ultra Low Metered Calling Plans.
Keep your existing telephone numbers and take them with you, no matter if your staying or moving. You’ve worked hard to build brand recognition and our Porting Department is dedicated to ensuring that switching your numbers from other telecommunications providers to us is a smooth and seamless process.
Our awesome customer admin and extension user portal is really simple to use and allows you to add, change or delete services. It’s as easy as logging into your email account. As your “MSP” managed service provider, we are always happy to do this for you, however you can self administer all your account features such as; modify call forwarding rules, set-up or change your Automated Attendant, create Ring Groups, set Caller ID, review your bill and update billing & user preferences information, just to name a few.
In the event of an emergency, power or internet outage, during which Sonictel is unable to route calls to your office phones, our Automatic Call Continuity Service will detect and automatically reroute your calls to any backup number of your choice or your Sonictel’s Voice Mail Box, so you never miss a call.
Each VoIP extension (Unlimited, Metered, and Virtual) comes with its own voicemail box, allowing employees to have secure access to messages. You can check messages from the Sonictel’s Mobile app for iPhone or Android, from your phone or from your web portal.
Every extension can select the email address of their choice where they’d like to receive copies of their voice mail messages. When a message is received on an extension, an email notification is sent to the selected email address with an MP3 attachment of the message. Employees can listen to their message on cellphones or web browser.
Call Forwarding is quick and easy within the Sonictel’s user portal. You can forward your extension to Sonictel’s voice mailbox, another extension, answering service or any telephone number domestic or international. Note: Call Forwarding to destinations outside your calling plan will incur a charge, such as to an international number.
When you’re on the phone, Call Waiting will quietly beep in the background to notify you about an additional incoming call. You can use this feature to have someone else take the call, ask your caller to hold, or to send the incoming call to your Sonictel’s voicemail while you finish your conversation
With Simultaneous Ring, you can set up your cellphone, and/or other extensions to ring in addition to your desk phone when your extension is called. Using Simultaneous Ring, you should never miss a call. This feature is great for inbound call sharing within work groups or departments.
Inbound Caller ID allows you to see the name & telephone number of the person or company who is calling before you answer.
Outbound Caller ID with Name allows you control & set the name & telephone number that people see on their caller ID when you call them. You can send your personal DID Number, the Company’s Main Number or Block your Caller ID and remain anonymous.
Local & Toll Free telephone numbers from Sonictel are available in 97% of the USA (including Hawaii and Alaska), Canada and Puerto Rico. We support close to 10,000 rate centers and have access to an inventory of 175,000+ local & Toll Free numbers.
FCC compliant 911/e911 services are available in the USA and Canada. Provisioning and updating 911/e911 information is quick and easy within the Sonictel’s user portal.
411 Directory Assistance service is available by dialing any area code then 555-1212 or by dialing 411 directly on the Sonictel’s network. Please note that 411DA may not be available in all areas. Charges for 411DA calls are billed at 99 cents (USD) per call.
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