Keep your same telephone & fax numbers.

A major advantage of Sonictel Hosted PBX and VoIP SIP services, is “phone number mobility“, whether your staying in the same location or moving your office, you always get to keep your numbers.

The traditional telephone companies will force you to switch telephone numbers even if you move just a few blocks away, but with today’s advanced VoIP technology, you get to keep your business phone number forever…no matter where you go in the WORLD.

We realize that you have a vested interest in your existing phone numbers. To avoid re-printing business cards, letterhead and marketing materials, and to avoid having to notify customers and business partners of a phone number change, Sonictel will transfer your numbers to our service.

Once your on Sonictel, you can move anywhere and always keep your telephone & fax numbers, it’s that simple.

Please have a Sonictel Expert contact me regarding phone number mobility for my business.

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